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Amaze your guests with an unforgettable experience – a firework display of the very special kind, or some purposely directed pyrotechnics

Fireworks are always great crowd pullers and provide the crowning highlight to any event. STARFIRE’s firework specialists make the most of the geographical and structural features in order to bring perfection to the firework display at your event.

A dream of resplendent flashes and comets harmoniously coordinated that turn night into day with the most luminescent colours and diverse effects. Should the whole spectacle also take place against a snow-covered backdrop or across a reflective water surface like a lake, it will certainly remain in the memories of your guests for a long time to come.

Hardly any other medium manages to create the kind of atmosphere that can captivate every single one of your guests in such a short time. People have been falling for the magic of fire for thousands of years. Our material, fire, is transformed in all its variations by STARFIRE’S pyrotechnicians into a unique spectacle of lightning, colours, sparks and explosions.
Working out a concept for you is a great challenge for us, irrespective of how big your budget is. We would be happy to discuss it with you.

A STARFIRE firework display - a highlight for all occasions:

  • Weddings
  • Anniversaries
  • Parties
  • Open-air festivals
  • Presentations
  • Openings
  • Award ceremonies
  • Gala events
  • Premieres
  • Corporate and folk festivals
  • Concerts
  • and many more

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