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New Years Eve in the Mountains

Thanks to years of perfect organisation by the event coordinators, Innsbruck’s New Years eve celebrations have arguably become the biggest New Year’s event in the Alps. More than 50,000 visitors attended this occasion, many of them coming from Italy.

The first part of the three-part musical display didn’t just impress the 50,000 New Year’s eve guests.  With the help of our large calibre shells, the Nordkette mountain chain was bathed in a sea of sparks, flashes and stars. The firework display was visible a long way down the lower Inn valley (all the way to Schwaz) and far into the Wipp Valley as well (as far as to Matrei am Brenner)

The second part of the display captivated the audience in the city in particular. The guests were close to the launch site so they felt as though they were standing right in the middle of the fireworks. 

Gigantic! The third and final part of the show was set off from the Hungerburg. The finale demonstrated effect diameters of 350 metres. This spectacular image left the audience completely awestruck.

Before the actual work began, a safety meeting took place with all the
authorities involved.


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